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Business continuity is a major component of risk management.
The Business Continuity Survey provides an independent, comprehensive professional review of the protocols in place to ensure that companies will have as complete and prompt a recovery as possible in the event of a disruptive event.

The primary objective is to determine whether adequate controls, processes, policies and procedures are in place and in effect for IT related areas. We determine whether your company's policies and procedures provide reasonable assurance that the data processing objectives would be achieved and that undesirable events could be prevented or detected, and, if detected, corrected. Additionally we evaluate whether your company has adequate written and approved policies and procedures for the control over and authorized access to IT related assets and data. A further objective is to determine whether physical security and environmental protection are adequate to safeguard IT related assets.

To determine the survey scope and objectives, we conduct pre-survey work that includes obtaining and recording an understanding of your company's operations, reviewing certain internal controls, and interviewing key personnel regarding the IT environment.

Our survey will include procedures for data collection, observation, enquiry and analysis. Five key areas will be evaluated: (1) general IT policies, procedures and controls; (2) recovery strategy and procedures for implementation; (3) backup and recovery processes and procedures; (4) network and computer environment; and (5) general office environment. Our report will include the findings from the review together with our recommendations for such corrective actions as may be appropriate in the circumstances.

In our Business Continuity Survey, we will obtain an understanding of your company's IT operations through a series of non-technical questions delivered to management. We visually inspect the office environment, all servers and workstations. To assist in our review we use checklists and observe operations.

We will deliver our service in four phases:

  • Phase one will include obtaining a knowledge of your business, general systems information and areas deemed critical to continuing operations.
  • Phase two will be an in-depth review of your IT area and completion of the continuity survey.
  • Phase three will be the production of a comprehensive written report outlining the survey findings for those areas where it is deemed that moderate or critical exposure to potential problems exists.
  • Phase four will be a formal presentation that will address each issue raised in our report and help you to prioritize the issues and develop strategies for the implementation of improved policies and procedures in your IT area.

Business Results
You will acquire better understanding of your company's ability to have as complete and prompt a recovery as possible in the event of a disruptive event. Results from the Business Continuity Survey can be used in the development of a properly designed business recovery plan to ensure a quick and smooth restoration of operations should such an event happen.

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