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This service identifies and secures key documents and critical items required to assist management during a recovery in the event of an unexpected business interruption. The Recovery and Insurance Claims kit contains critical business records, key documentation, policies and procedures and system software all secured in an aluminum case, located offsite and readily accessible.

To identify and manage on behalf of the client those critical documents considered essential to their business recovery. Once the initial kit has been developed and documented it is continuously updated as information changes in order to minimize business impact and limit potential business interruption. Should an unexpected business interruption occur key personnel can access the Recovery and Insurance Claims Kit from Global Data Vaultings secure site and use the information to begin the recovery process.

To develop the Insurance and Recovery Kit, our consultants will review, collect and document information essential to a recovery. Essential information required for a smooth recovery might include insurance policies, client, vendor and employee information, system software, key codes, and photographs. The kit should be considered your company's first step in the development of a disaster recovery plan.

Our services include:

  • Obtaining knowledge of your business, general systems information and areasdeemed critical to continuing operations.
  • Collect and document essential information required to provide key people with the information required to make critical business decisions during a disruptive event.
  • Organize and assemble all documentation and items and then secure them in a metal case stored in a secure offsite location.
  • Provide ongoing support with scheduled reviews and updates of the Recovery and Insurance Claims Kit to ensure that all information is current and still meets all the client's recovery requirements.

Business Results
The key to any successful business recovery is current accessible information securely stored and management's ability to quickly obtain and use it. By having all key information readily accessible, clients will have the ability to respond faster and therefore reduce the time necessary to recover

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