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Project Risk Management services provide organizations with the tools, experience and resources to develop, manage and deploy targeted Information Technology (IT) initiatives with an emphasis on mitigating the risks over the project life-cycle.

Our professionals take a proactive approach to the development and deployment of IT initiatives by identifying and then managing risks at all stages of the project life cycle. If project risks are not identified and managed properly penalties such as overspending, deployment issues and project performance may impact the bottom line.

The principal benefits of a proactive approach to managing risk at all stages of the project life-cycle include control of risk exposure, minimizing financial loss and the ability to meet key project targets.

Global Data Vaulting will acquire a clear understanding of an organizations short and long term goals for an IT initiative in order to develop and document a project plan. This plan will ensure that the project team is aware of the key risks, their roles and responsibilities for managing the deployment and how this will be achieved.

Working closely with the project team we:

  • Identify threats and rank risks
  • Identify cost-effective control measures
  • Produce a risk management plan
  • Ensure control measures are effectively implemented

Business Results
Global Data Vaulting’s approach ensures organizations that the IT initiatives life-cycle is structured in a systematic way, so that all risks are identified and managed appropriately. Organizations will benefit from reduced exposure to financial loss from project risks, and improved confidence in meeting project cost, schedule and performance targets.

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