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Global Data Vaulting Inc. provides businesses valuable high quality services, products and resources to assist with risk management and business continuity issues. Our services include business continuity evaluations, backup and recovery strategies, project management assistance and other information technology services and products. The key components that we offer are Business Continuity Assessment and High Security Off Site Backup and Recovery Services. In addition, we also provide ancillary products and services to assist companies in securing and maintaining their information technology processes in accordance with industry best practices.

Organizations considering our service are seeking a qualified, highly experienced company to provide a solution to their Business Continuity requirements. We believe this should include a Business Continuity Assessment designed to identify risks to Information Technology systems, skilled recovery planning resources to Servers, PC’s and Laptops and Secure Backup and Recovery all supported by a comprehensive plan for testing that confirms the ability to successfully recover from a business interruption.

Why select GDV?
Most businesses have become highly dependent on computers, applications and the information they process. This data has become an indispensable business asset and protecting the integrity and availability of it has become increasingly important. In today’s global economy and business environment, data availability interruptions cost businesses real dollars. Ultimately it can spell the end of a business.

At Global Data Vaulting, we take this to heart and strive to give our clients the peace of mind, knowing that their data is well protected and can be quickly recovered in the event of an unforeseen disaster or emergency. Many businesses today recognize that these risks to their data exist, but have limited IT budgets and overtaxed personnel charged with an expanding range of responsibilities. In these circumstances, data backup procedures are poorly implemented, or worse, neglected. This can lead to severe problems in the event of a major system failure or even something as simple as a single deleted or corrupted file.

GDV is unique in the marketplace in that it offers a complete fully managed service unlike most online services that require greater client involvement.
Our unique value-add services include:

  • Point to Point Virtual Private Network
  • A complete review of your business data backup needs
  • Flexible & multiple backup schedules
  • Progressive incremental backups
  • Unlimited file retention and file versioning
  • Granular policy engine
  • Ability to redirect data restores to another computer, or onto portable media for local restores.
  • Consulting services
  • Long-term data management

At GDV, we are proud to be able to provide our clients the convenience of online backup capabilities and combining them with a full service that is value-add to your. This makes GDV the only true fully managed online backup and disaster recovery service provider for your business.

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