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Whether an in-house solution or on-line, the management of a backup and recovery solution typically falls into the hands of whoever handles your IT needs. With Global Data Vaulting’s fully managed solution, we take the responsibility for the setup and configuration and the day-to-day management.

Benefits Analysis

  • Comprehensive system review to ensure all required data is included in the backup scheme.
  • Custom file retention policy created to meet business needs
  • Recoveries of single file or full system can be returned in multiple formats, even to a different system
  • No client intervention required with scheduled backups
  • Backups monitored for Missed or Failed jobs and irregularities in backup job
  • Security of immediate off-site copy of data
  • 3DES encrypted VPN Tunnel ensures safety of critical data
  • No client access to online data to ensure no tampering of protected data
  • Fast data recoveries
  • Outsourced management of process frees management and IT staff to focus on core competencies
  • No capital cost for or upgrade/upkeep of backup systems
  • Data integrity maintained for regulatory purposes
  • Low cost to setup and maintain

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