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Most businesses have become highly dependent on computers, computer programs and the information they process. This data has become a valuable business asset and protecting the integrity and availability of it has become an increasingly critical business priority. Many businesses today have begun to measure data availability interruptions in real dollars demonstrating the need for reliable backups. Frequently businesses have limited information technology (IT) budgets and IT personnel are charged with a broad range of IT responsibilities. In these circumstances data backup procedures are often poorly implemented, neglected or overlooked. Frequently businesses that are performing regularly scheduled backups fail to adequately verify the information on the backup media or test their ability to restore this information. This can lead to severe problems in the event of a major computer system failure.

To provide organizations with a secure, fully managed, online data backup service that protects critical data, secures it off site in a tier one data centre and provides reporting on all backup activities.

To ensure that an organization’s data recovery needs are met Global Data Vaulting can assess the computer operating system(s), programs and data stored on the organization’s computer systems. This assessment will provide a clear understanding of the backup requirements, accepted recovery windows and retention policies.

Upon completion of this assessment a comprehensive off site backup, storage and recovery plan will be developed in conjunction with management and IT personnel. When the plan has been approved and adopted by the organization a Service Level Agreement (SLA) will define the services to be agreed upon together with the cost of providing these services.

Once this process has been completed Global Data Vaulting will manage the entire setup process. Appropriate communication will be established, a secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) will be created and the client level backup software will be configured. A complete full backup of the server(s), workstations or laptops will be performed locally to establish a baseline for all future backups of this equipment. These backups will be transferred to our off site equipment located in a tier one data facility.

Subsequent backups will be performed over our Virtual Private Network as scheduled events as defined in the SLA.

Our services include:

  • Secure scheduled backups of changed data
  • Monitoring of all scheduled events to ensure completion with notification of errors
  • Monthly detailed reporting
  • Ad hoc backups
  • Directed data recoveries
  • Data retention policies
  • Long term archiving
  • Software support for Windows, Novell, AIX, O/S 400, Linux, Unix, Solaris and Macintosh Operating Systems

Business Results
Clients will benefit by reducing the operational costs of managing and maintaining backup hardware, software and the media the data resides on. Additionally all data is secured properly off site and available 24/7.

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