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Our satisfied customers say it best…

"The real value of ones service can be best measured not by its cost but by how it stands up to the buyers expectations. Having said that when we first met I was skeptical about the perceived value and importance of GDV's fully managed and online data backup and recovery service. I am glad that I followed your advice, as you now know last week I had a catastrophic equipment failure which rendered my laptop inaccessible. The speed in which your technical people responded together with how quickly I was able to gain access to my backed up data online (within 2 hours) saved me more than $5,000, an immeasurable amount of grief & stress and allowed me to meet several client deadlines. Had I chosen a conventional disaster recovery service it would have ultimately cost me 10 times more. You have exceeded my expectations, thank you."
- Murray Smith, CEO - Business Associates Inc

"It’s an incredible service. We have occasional corrupted or deleted data and our recovery times have been reduced from hours to minutes. I’m extremely happy that I can report to management that lost worker productivity has been dramatically reduced because of data loss. It does exactly what I need it to do."
- Chris Ashton, The Geo Group

"We chose GDV’s Secure Managed Backup service because it offers reliable scheduled backup of corporate data and secures it off-site immediately for a fraction of the price to perform the same functions in house."
- Ivan Tingley, House of Horvath

"We’re using GDV’s Secure Managed Backup Service to manage data protection in satellite offices that have limited or no IT staff. GDV’s service is doing everything you said it would do and we’re very pleased."
- Mehul Patel, GHL Promotions

"The monitoring is incredible. GDV tracks daily backup patterns and is able to identify large data changes caused by new applications, data movement and significant file deletions. I also find the charts, reports and graphs extremely helpful with the monthly billing. You did a terrific job on the documentation too. We're very pleased."
- Edward Kalins, Beallor & Partners LLP

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