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Organizations are increasingly dependent on computer systems, networks and other advanced technologies. The loss of these resources, for even a short time, can have serious consequences such as an inability to carry on operations, financial losses and damage to credibility.

To ensure that a successful and timely recovery of systems, programs and data can be made Global Data Vaulting assists companies develop, document and test step-by-step procedures for all servers and other computer systems that process and store corporate information.

To ensure a prompt recovery of systems and the data that resides on them Global Data Vaulting will identify systems deemed critical to the business function and develop acceptable recovery plans to ensure down time is minimized. Global Data Vaulting will evaluate two key considerations in determining the priority assigned to the recovery process (1) Systems processing real-time transactions or those that must operate during a time sensitive window. (2) Systems which, if not restored within a specified period, would impact on operations such as staff productivity, updating of critical records and daily reporting requirements.

Once the recovery plan has been developed it will be tested to ensure recovery requirements are met.

Business Results
You will acquire a better understanding of your company's ability to have as complete and prompt a recovery as possible in the event of a disruption. Results from the Business Continuity Survey can be used in the development of a properly designed business recovery plan to ensure a quick and smooth restoration of operations should such an event happen.

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